Biel Company of the PP speaking yesterday.

24-03-2018Partido Popular

Biel Company, the president of the Partido Popular in the Balearics, yesterday told PP councillors from the four Balearic islands that the party will repeal holiday rentals legislation and zoning criteria if it wins the election in May 2019.

Company accused the current Balearic government of "wanting tourists' money but without tourists" and of turning its back on sun and beach tourism while also raising obstacles to quality tourism sectors such as golf and nautical. He said that the PP will introduce legislation to embrace all forms of accommodation for holiday rental, observing that the use of apartments "is a reality".

Calling on the party's members to work towards "returning Sra. Armengol to opposition", Company attacked the sectarianism, prohibition and imposition of "leftist parties" currently represented in the main governmental institutions in the Balearics. He insisted that the PP "must make politically possible what is necessary to improve the lives of Balearic residents", an example of which would be to "reverse the attack on private property".

While Company was addressing PP councillors, the president of the Aptur holiday rentals association, Joan Miralles, stated at a press conference that this year's tourism season is endangered because of "unresolved errors in the tourism law". He referred to uncertainties created by legislation and zoning in various municipalities. "Many owners do not know if they can rent out their homes or not. They therefore cannot offer them on internet platforms, and this is right at the time when tourists are preparing their summer holidays."

The Aptur president continued: "Last year's season was lost because of the tourism law and the changes introduced halfway through the season and we are about to lose a second season. It is unfair that the holiday rentals sector is suffering in this way, when it is one that contributes so much to tackling tourism seasonality and the greater democratic distribution of the benefits of tourism."


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palmadave / Hace over 3 years

ee. Please explain why are you not renting out your apartment?


cc / Hace over 3 years

if the average spend for 7 days is about 1000euros we aren't renting our apt out this year x 10 weeks = 10,000 euros not spent in the restaurants and bars x how many appts doing the same, amazing how politicians anywhere can muck things up for the ordinary person, so when restaurant owners in the slower months are laying off or not taking on staff the politicians can give themselves a nice pat on the back


les / Hace over 3 years

That sounds fine, but once the tourists have found other Holidays at a greater reduced rate than Majorca, then you may struggle to get them to return !


Helen / Hace over 3 years

History will repeat itself. A three way Left government party - 12 years ago - because the tourist tax - destroyed the numbers visiting. Blocked events etc. Concerts prevented a few weeks before etc. Then the recession hit. Mallorca struggled for 8 years.

And now the Left are in again - doing their path of destruction again. July and August will always be busy due to Spanish visitors (1 month stays) and friends of the expats visiting. But how will the tourist resorts survive the likes of Cala Millor, Santa Ponsa, Cala D'Or - the small businesses whom require numbers to eat and buy their goods. A two month season is not long enough to survive to pay the bills.

2020 the effects will be felt. It is already happening.


Jason / Hace over 3 years

At last there may be a chance in the future if we can survive the storm this government has created !