The Gorg Blau reservoir is at almost 100% capacity. | Archive

Thanks to the recent rain, the Cuber reservoir in the Tramuntana has excess capacity and the Gorg Blau reservoir is at 98.6% capacity. Palma's water requirements, 85,000 cubic metres per day, are therefore currently being met by water from the reservoirs and natural supply sources.

The Emaya municipal services agency will for now delay buying in desalinated water. This had been due to start on 1 April, but the recent rain makes this unnecessary, while there was still some snow on the peaks on Monday that has yet to filter its way to the reservoirs.

The condition of the reservoirs means that the water plant in Lloseta is being started up, while spring sources that supply Palma are flowing to such an extent that the maximum flows can be captured. Emaya says that the situation is very positive, that the aquifers are recovering and that "we can do without desalinated water" for now.

The rain of the past days has meant a dramatic increase in reservoir capacity. On Thursday last week Emaya reported that capacity was at 70.6%. At the end of December the capacity had been 40%. Over a couple of days, therefore, the water level rose by as much as it had done over a three-month period.