Club Mac in Alcudia is one of the hotel complexes affected by the false claims.

28-03-2018Andrew Ede

A Guardia Civil report has linked the company accused of having been behind false compensation claims for holiday sickness in Majorca to at least two more law firms in the UK which are involved in pursuing claims.

From computer hard drives, investigators were able to locate documentation for payments to the company - Elite Project Marketing - from HH Law Limited and UK Holiday Claim Limited. Both of these firms have presented claims against hotel companies in Majorca. In addition, forms of the type given to holidaymakers for them to later file claims once back in the UK were found.

The court of instruction in Palma which is overseeing the case has been informed by the Guardia that the commercial activity of the company, based in Calvia, was "exclusively related" to the claims.

Laura Cameron, the administrator of Elite Project Marketing, exercised her right not to make a statement to the court when she was arrested in September last year. She will now appear in court on 8 May and give her version of the company's activities. The defence is pointing to the contrast between the amounts that hotels were supposedly swindled out of with the small size of Laura Cameron's company and also to the fact that the company was operational for only a few months.

Last week, it was reported that the Palma court had referred the case to Eurojust, the EU body which coordinates proceedings involving different judicial authorities. The court is seeking clarification as to whether investigations should be in Majorca or in the UK. The Majorca Hoteliers Federation and specific hotel chains affected by the claims are arguing in favour of Palma, as part of the alleged crimes was initiated in Spain.

Meanwhile, investigators have for now ruled out transferring the whole affair to the Audiencia Nacional high court in Madrid.