Breakfast meeting for the launch of Connect'Up.

10-04-2018Joan Torres

Connect'Up is a programme that promotes innovation and which connects Balearic businesses via a competition for projects, workshops, activities and conferences on innovation. The focus of this programme is on businesses engaged in tourism technologies and innovation and biotechnology as well as those from the "blue" economy (to do with the sea) and creative industries.

Organised by Grup Serra, the programme was presented on Tuesday at the Balearic headquarters of CaixaBank, the sponsors. Representatives at the meeting came from some twenty public sector, private and entrepreneurial sector and educational sector institutions.

Carmen Serra, the group's president, said: "We are launching this project and we look to the future with high anticipation and hope. With the help of new technologies, talent and new ideas that can boost our economy, we will generate greater knowledge, well-being and wealth. This is the contribution which Grup Serra wishes to make for the entrepreneurial world."

With the project, there is encouragement for the collection "of ideas from anyone and from investors who wish to be involved". Connect'Up is "an open project". It provides a framework for providing visibility to the most innovative ideas coming out of the Balearics. Moreover, it offers a meeting point for entrepreneurs, investors and institutions.

The president of the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations (CAEB), Carmen Planas, gave as an example the Majorcan company Habitíssimo. It gained international recognition after winning awards such as that in 2016 from the Spanish Confederation of Small to Medium Sized Business.

The Tuesday meeting was the starting point. There will now be several months of intense activity. This starts with the call for the contest for innovative projects. These can be registered on the website until 7 May. The twenty finalists will go through a process of training that will culminate in June with the Connect'Up Days. During these, there will be entrepreneur meetings, conferences and networking with investors. On the final day, winners will be announced for three categories: entrepreneur with four years or less experience; intrapreneur; and Baccalaureate-Vocational Training project.

The programme has the support of the Balearic government, the Institute of Business Innovation, the University of the Balearic Islands, Fundació BIT, PalmaActiva, the Calvia Institute for Training and Occupation, CAEB, the Chamber of Commerce, Pimem and the CESAG centre for higher education.