Pau Rigo arriving at court in Manacor yesterday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

Pau Rigo, the 77-year-old owner of a property in Porreres, who shot and killed a robber on 24 February, has been charged by a court in Manacor with murder but has been released.

The court made the announcement yesterday morning. Afterwards, the lawyer for the family of the dead man, Mauricio Escobar, and his brother Freddy, who was also involved in the attempted robbery, said that he will be formalising the prosecution for murder because there are details given by Pau Rigo "which don't quite add up".

The lawyer, Antoni Vicens, who is waiting for final police forensic reports, added that there are "doubts" about the argument that Pau Rigo acted in legitimate self-defence.

The incident occurred at around 9am on 24 February. The two Escobar brothers entered the property, which had been robbed on a previous occasion by a group which had included Freddy Escobar. According to Freddy Escobar, his brother was shot at point-blank range when he and Mauricio were returning from the basement of the house.

Pau Rigo suffered injuries that required a two-week stay in hospital. Both he and his wife have stated that they were assaulted and were in fear of their lives.

Freddy Escobar and two accomplices, one said to have been the "brains" behind the robbery and the other who was the driver, are currently in custody charged with robbery with violence.

Last week, the high court in Tenerife sentenced an 80-year-old man to two and a half years prison for having shot and killed a robber in 2015.