Mayor Antoni Noguera at the inauguration of the Ultima Hora posters.


To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the newspaper Ultima Hora, posters reproducing front pages that reported historic events have been installed on the Born avenue in Palma.

The posters were put up early on Monday morning, and there was an official inauguration attended by Palma's mayor, Antoni Noguera, yesterday morning. The project has required a great deal of work from the newspaper's production department, a journalist and a historian as well as Alejandro Clavo, the artistic director for events to celebrate the anniversary. The work has involved going through editions of the paper since it first appeared in 1893. The final selection was based on the historic nature of reports as well as technical ones.

The front covers on display include ones that reported the death of Franco, the coup attempt of February 1981, the snow of 1956 and the birth of autonomous government in the Balearics in 1983. The posters will stay on the Born until 30 April. From 2 May they will be transferred to the Plaça Espanya.

The newspaper was founded by Josep Tous Ferrer. It was originally called La Ultima Hora and until the 1970s was an evening paper. In 1974, Pere Serra acquired a majority shareholding from the Tous family.