There have been operations against the "prostitutes" in Magalluf in the past. | Archive


Calvia police yesterday issued a statement which explained that a woman has been sentenced to three and a half years by a Palma court for robbery with violence. She has also been banned from living within or going within three kilometres of Magalluf for five years. She will also be expelled from Spain once she has completed her sentence and have to pay 700 euros to her victim.

The woman, who had previous convictions and is in Spain illegally, assaulted a tourist on the Avenida Magalluf in the early hours of 4 September 2016. Together with other women, who have not been identified, she approached the man, pushed him into an alleyway and forced him to the ground. Among other belongings, she stole a credit card and fifty euros cash. The tourist's injuries were only mild - they were to a shoulder and to a hand - but he nevertheless required treatment over an eight-day period.

She was arrested by the Guardia Civil, and when it came to the court appearance, the town hall presented its own prosecution to ensure that restraining measures were included in the sentence, i.e. not going within three kilometres of Magalluf.

The police statement continues by saying that the town hall has added its prosecutions in three other cases for the same offence; these have yet to go to trial. The town hall is said to be wanting precautionary measures in order to "eradicate criminal activities of this nature in the Magalluf area".

Although the statement is not specific, it is clear that the woman was a mugging prostitute.