The Balearic tourist tax (sustainable tourism tax) doubles on 1 May. The rates apply to the six months of the main season, i.e. until the end of October.

The rates are chargeable per person per night. There is a 50% reduction after eight nights. Children aged 16 and under are exempt.

- One, two, three star hotels: Two euros.
- Three star superior and four star: Three euros.
- Four star superior and five star: Four euros.

The above rates also apply to licensed tourist apartment accommodation that is classified according to the key system as opposed to the star ratings.

- Holiday rental accommodation, e.g. villas: Two euros.
- Rural hotels, agrotourism, interior hotels: Two euros.
- Hostels, camping, pensions, refuges: One euro.

Ten per cent IVA (VAT) is added to the total amount.

Payment of the tax is normally requested on arrival, e.g. hotel check-in.

The tourist tax is applicable in Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and the island of Cabrera (the refuge on this island). The tax is not applicable anywhere else in Spain. There is only one other region of Spain where a tourist tax is currently in force. This is Catalonia, where the rates differ to those in the Balearics.

Between 1 November and 30 April, the Balearic tax is at present a quarter of all the rates quoted above. For example, one euro for four star superior and five star hotels.

Revenue raised by the tourist tax is used for five main purposes:
- Environmental protection and conservation
- Sustainable tourism with particular emphasis on tourism development in the spring, autumn and winter
- Historical and cultural heritage preservation and restoration
- Scientific research with emphasis related to tourism and on combating the effects of climate change
- Training and employment with emphasis on low-season employment, increasing qualifications and improving working conditions.

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tara / Hace over 2 years

love majorca.. have been going every year for a long time. however will not be going again will go to the del sol no charges there.


Jason Burgess / Hace over 2 years

Got back from Mallorca on Sunday 28th October and had a charge of €92.40 made by the hotel on my debit card the following Tuesday (for a party of 4 adults holidaying for 7 nights). I wasn't made aware of this (computer was down when I checked out and nobody was on the desk). I had to question the hotel company as to why I had this charge levied. If it was made clear on check in or informed ahead of the holiday by TUI, I would've been prepared.


eric rogers / Hace over 2 years

Not long got back from Ibiza i love this island but no more was charged double from last year they are taking the piss as other people have said they wont see me again which is a shame because we have met some nice people over the years and this inculeds the locals.So come on Balearics get your act together and scrap the tourist tax.


John Arthurs / Hace over 3 years

Mallorca is a beautiful island. At least the island authorities have woken up to the fact that the tourist trade, whilst an economic necessity, places incresingly unsustainable burdens on infrastructure. The rise of the 'hit and run' tourism of the cruise liners have exacerbated this, and local people are priced out of the local housing market by landlords cashing in on AirB&B and lucrative tourist lets (just as in Barcelona and other tourist cities). I think the tourist tax is a small price to pay in principle to fund infrastructure maintenance. British tourists need to be aware that the the antics of some of our compatriots is a hot political and social issue in Spain and the Balearic Islands. To those who think the Mallorcan people will miss them if they don't come back, don't worry, after Brexit most of us will not be able to afford it anyway. We can leave the beaches to the Germans!


chris cogan / Hace over 3 years

the main reason given at the full council of Balearics ive read, states they are trying to cut the numbers of tourists coming...well they got me.., short sighted or what ? and , if they tourists continue to come.. will they stop the tax as a failed experiment.......err, i think not, but they do think the tourists are stupid ,big mistake.


paul noble / Hace over 3 years

congratulations menorca I have been coming to your island since the 1960,s double tourist tax!!!!!!! you are joking! you won't see me any more! so greedy so commercially unaware! so many other places to see!


Peter collin / Hace over 3 years

Just back from me orca paid 73euros for 2wks noticed all the roads freshly tarmac we dodge pot holes tax Europeans and tarmac British roads. By the way will not go to Balearics ever again


brian irlam / Hace over 3 years

we have been going to majorca for a long time now but was disgusted with the tourist tax doubled from last year and less seemed to have been done stayed cala bona beaches were still covered in dead seaweed the third week in may before any attempt to clean them a lot of places still not open ready for season i think the greedy people who put the tax up should think about giving the tourist a bonus to come because a lot people we met will not be coming again


Molly malone / Hace over 3 years

Well been coming to Majorca every may for years, not coming this year, think this is very greedy and something that will keep being increased each year whilst people are paying it.


Carole / Hace over 3 years

This has become far too greedy. The island is not that “unique”, turquoise sea, white sand, stunning mountain range are aplenty elsewhere. The world is out there and their is beauty in so many other parts of the world.

Venice and Florence can charge these rates as they have something “unique” to see.

Time will tell, but I strongly feel that it will affect the restaurants, bars and shops in the middle range resorts in the future.

Already hit the British press.