Kitchen work is something the unions are particularly concerned about.


The CCOO and UGT unions believe that in order to reduce overwork and to prevent labour abuse in the hotel and restaurant sectors there needs to be a 20% increase in staffing levels.

The unions made this point at a meeting with Balearic government and Majorca Hotelier Federation representatives on Monday. This was a meeting of a working party that is considering various aspects of working in the hospitality sector, one of which is the establishment of a valid tool to evaluate the effects of working.

The director general for employment, Isabel Castro, didn't deny that there are problems but observed that accident rates and absenteeism have been falling. The unions maintained that economic crisis created heavier workloads and that these have continued, despite economic improvement and hotel modernisation and increases in their star ratings.

Maria Frontera, the president of the hoteliers federation, felt that the meeting was positive and agreed that there need to be effective means for improving the quality of work. Businesspeople, she remarked, are willing to undertake a study in order to adapt staffing levels to business productivity.

Antonio Copote of the UGT noted that labour abuses and excessive working demands are most common in hotel receptions and kitchens and among waiters and room maids. Separate from hotels are the restaurants, which did not sign up to the hospitality sector collective bargaining agreement last September. Copote suggested that abuse is rampant in the restaurant sector.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Every worker should receive a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. And I am no socialist,far from it.


Geoffrey / Hace over 3 years

The system is controlled by the outdated Union practices.

In Spain - employees are employed on a controlled salary. So you maybe an employer with a really efficient member of staff and one that is employed at the same level but spends all the time “gossiping and giving poor service”.

However as an employer we are unable to differentiate with the salary. Where is the entrepreneurial attitude in Spain? It is dampened and quashed by this outdated employment method.