The shop that was damaged by Jody Sanders' Roller.


Jody Sanders, variously described as a British playboy and multi-millionaire "maverick tycoon", was fined 250 euros for an accident that occurred on Sunday evening. He was driving his Rolls Royce, estimated value around 300,000 euros, accompanied by two women in bikinis. He crashed the car into an estanco (newsagents/tobacconists) in Portals Nous, abandoned the car and left the scene on foot. Contrary to certain reports in the British media which suggested that he had somehow gone on the run, he presented himself at the Guardia Civil station later on that night. He tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

He was initially fined 500 euros, but this was reduced by 50% for immediate payment. The damage to the shop is put at around 15,000 euros.

Richard / Hace over 3 years

Check out latest on this, the shop owner, whom I also know, is being gracious but made similar comments to my own. Meanwhile Glenn likes to assume that all MDB readers are not affluent. Not good for MDB ad department ! ;)


Richard / Hace over 3 years

Glenn I could buy his car many times over, thanks. This is nothing to do with jealousy, it’s about dangerous driving, something I feel passionate about on this island. Just for fun, since you are making assumptions, Maybe you are the guy in the black BMW I always see speeding in Portals?


Glenn / Hace over 3 years

Here we go again. The guy had an accident simple as that, forget "what could have happened" I guess if Mary Loo and her one eyed cycling dog had been stood outside the shop they would have been hit ! But they weren't were they!!!! No doubt the perfect crew who have never had an accident, made a mistake or done anything in error in their whole lives will disagree but when all said and done he had an accident, was not drunk or anything else and paid a fine. Leave him alone, jealousy is not an attractive trait.


phil / Hace over 3 years

maverick tycoon’ you never see those jobs advertised, do you...


Richard / Hace over 3 years

I don’t care who he is or how rich he is. It’s irrelevant. Him, or someone else driving a Fiat Punto, same comment: given the potential risk to nearby diners and the highly dangerous manoeuvre in a street we all know well as being narrow and crowded and bendy (at the point of the crash) should mean a far greater fine and preferably some community service.