The damage will hopefully soon be repaired.

03-05-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

Mamen Maria, who works in the tobacconist into which British playboy and part-time resident Jody Sanders reversed by accident last Sunday in his 300,000 euro convertible Rolls Royce, said yesterday that had the accident happened on a Saturday, someone could have been killed or at least seriously injured.

Mamen, who was inspecting the damage yesterday with inspectors from the insurance company, said that she is really surprised by the media coverage the incident has attracted in the UK and around the world. "If it had been a Ford Fiesta, I doubt there would have been so much interest," she said.

But it just so happened to be Jody Sanders in his luxury car with two women in their bikinis taking selfies.

"It could have been a tragedy had it been a Saturday when we are open all day and have people sitting on the terrace, smoking, having a drink or something to eat, someone could have been killed," she said. There were some 20 people eating in the La Perla restaurant next door when, according to Sanders, he got his flip-flops entangled with the vehicle’s accelerator.

Sanders is a regular customer of Mamen’s and he called her to apologise. "He’s a very educated person," she said. "I am not going to press charges or denounce him. All we care about is that the costs of the damage are covered and the repairs are carried out as soon as possible."

A security guard is on site at nights to prevent anyone from robbing the property.


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