GOB concerned by the growth of both the resident and the tourist population.


Environmentalists GOB have criticised the Council of Majorca's councillor for land and infrastructure, Mercedes Garrido, for remarks she has made regarding population limits. In a radio interview at the weekend, Garrido observed that Majorca's population density has not reached its limit. She added that, as a "welcoming community", limits cannot be placed on the number of people who wish to come and live in Majorca.

Garrido explained that "we live in a highly globalised world and you cannot establish a maximum number of residents". She did nevertheless accept that Majorca has to support a high level of population pressure. In this respect, she noted, legislation passed last year set a ceiling on the number of tourist accommodation places. Moreover, the regulation of holiday rentals is intended to "bring about a new tourism economy which will be combined with the right to access to housing for all residents".

GOB are therefore wondering if the policy of the regional government and the Council of Majorca is one of "indefinite growth" on an island with limited territory. The environmentalists are interested to know if Més and Podemos think the same as Garrido. She is a member of PSOE.

* The population of the Balearic Islands is around 1.29 million. The population density works out at getting on for 260 inhabitants per square kilometre, the highest of all Spanish regions and well above a figure of 92 for the whole of Spain.


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