There was a highly publicised case of sexual assault at Soller's Es Firó last year.


The Council of Majorca is to continue its campaign against sexual assault at the island's fiestas and night parties. The campaign was very evident last year, and for this spring and summer there will be more information stands at fiestas that are designed to raise awareness among young people and to also offer advice as to what to do if someone has suffered some form of assault.

The recent sentence in the so-called "wolfpack" case, by which the accused were acquitted of rape, has led to a great deal of outrage. It has given the Council's campaign added impetus. It is being enhanced with the aims of reaching the maximum number of young people possible and with protecting the rights of women.

A leaflet that is to be distributed at fiestas is aimed at both sexes but with certain differences. In the case of young women, there is an explanation of what to do if they experience sexual harassment or aggression. They should find someone close who can give support and tell an aggressor that they find sexist behaviour unacceptable. They are advised to call the 112 emergency service or contact the local police. They are also advised not to wash away or eliminate any potential evidence.

For young men, there is advice, for instance, on what to do if they witness a case of assault. They are told not just to ignore it but to rebuke any aggressor and to file a complaint.

The campaign carries the slogan "no i punt!", which is a continuation of the theme the Council reintroduced when the winter fiestas for Sant Antoni were taking place. The first major fiesta of the spring and summer season is Es Firó, the Moors and Christians battle in Soller on Monday. Last year, this was the setting for what was a highly publicised case of sexual assault.


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