The arrest on Tuesday night. | Guardia Civil

On Tuesday night, the Guardia Civil arrested a 34-year-old British man in connection with the death of Aaron Henderson from Northern Ireland. He is said to be British and to work as a doorman (bouncer) at a pub in Magalluf. A second person, a 36-year-old Spaniard, was detained on Wednesday morning for apparently having tried to cover up what happened.

Mr Henderson, 30, was found collapsed on the calle Punta Ballena in the early hours of Sunday, 29 April. He had received a serious blow to the back of the head. He died the following day at Son Espases Hospital.

The Guardia have seemingly been able to piece together the sequence of events using security camera images. It is understood that the doorman had been under suspicion for several days.

The area in which Mr Henderson was found is a "black spot" with no CCTV cameras. However, the Guardia followed up all the leads they were given and one of the main breaks in the investigation came from CCTV footage filmed further up Punta Ballena, where a fight broke out in which Mr Henderson was caught up.

The results of the autopsy confirmed that the 30-year-old died as a result of the blow to the head.

His family came to Majorca as soon as they received the news of the incident. His father has explained to the News Letter that Aaron had been standing outside a bar in Magalluf when someone ran over and punched him and ran off. "A man and a woman saw what happened and they phoned an ambulance and stayed with him until he was taken to hospital. He had a small bleed on the side of his skull and was rushed into the operating theatre. When we arrived in hospital, he was in intensive care and was coming round. I said, 'Hello son, do you know who I am?'. He said, 'Daddy' and squeezed my hand."