Terraces on Joan Miró are provoking complaints.


Residents on the Joan Miró avenue in Porto Pi in Palma are complaining about the nuisance caused by bars and restaurants. It is said that certain establishments are using the public way without permission for terraces and that where there is permission, the terraces exceed the allowed boundaries. Furthermore, there are complaints about cleanliness and smell.

Under the spotlight in particular are three kebab restaurants and one cafeteria. These, it is claimed, don't all have activity licences or permission to use the public way. Vicente González is the administrator of an owners' community, who last month sent a letter to the town hall requesting that it takes urgent action against the "lamentable and serious situation". He has now sent a second, having not had any response from the first.

González says that residents are fed up with not being able to walk along the pavement. This is a particular problem for wheelchair users and parents with baby buggies. He adds that days when cruise ships arrive are the worst. Many passengers stop in Porto Pi and the establishments put out as many tables and chairs as they need in order to accommodate the passengers. Delivery drivers are also affected, he notes.

Unlike Fabrica and Blanquerna, two streets about which there was a great deal of discussion in relation to the town hall's new terraces bylaw, Joan Miró was ignored.

González sets out what he says is the situation with the four establishments. Two of them have activity licences and two do not. With terraces, the occupied space is as much as seven times what is should be (one terrace should be 3.4 square metres when in fact it occupies up to 24). One of the kebab shops without an activity licence oddly enough has permission for a terrace, albeit that this occupies around six times as much space as it is meant to.


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