Mayor Antoni Noguera next to national government delegate Maria Salom at the Palma security board meeting.


The national government delegate, Maria Salom, yesterday gave an assurance that "there will be more police than ever" for the high season. She was referring to the state security forces - the Guardia Civil and National Police - whose numbers are increased in summer. For the purposes of this reinforcement, the season is now defined as 1 June to 15 October.

Salom said that a lengthening of the tourism season means that the reinforcement is for longer than it once was. In the past it had been for just two months - July and August. It now covers a period of four and a half months. She recognised that there will be a "significant" number of visitors and that the various institutions will be working in an "appropriate" way and "above political colours" in dealing with the summer security.

The delegate was speaking after a meeting of the Palma security board. In addition to police representatives and Salom, the meeting was also attended by the government's minister for public administration, Catalina Cladera, and by Palma mayor Antoni Noguera and the town hall's councillor for public safety, Angelica Pastor. While security is an issue which should be above politics, there was no escaping the fact that yesterday's meeting would have been somewhat awkward because of the row over town hall grants for Catalan. Salom has declared her support for the state attorney on this issue. Politicians in Majorca of whatever political complexion have voiced their opposition.

Mayor Noguera praised the "great work" of the National Police in its anti-drugs operations in Son Banya and Son Gotleu and also highlighted the efforts of Palma police in the city's neighbourhoods. He echoed Salom's words in saying that there will be "more police presence than ever this summer".

Noguera added that the town hall is involved in a "relentless fight against anti-social tourism". The town hall wants to send out "an important and forceful message against this type of tourism". He referred to the new bylaw which will shortly be introduced as being part of the "war against drunken tourism" and a means of "changing the model of Playa de Palma".


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Hopefully,with extra police,they will be able to get rid of the drug dealers,prostitutes/muggers and illegal street sellers once and for all.


Richard / Hace over 3 years

Divert entire tourist tax to police, so their excellent work can also cover rising house invasions, sexual offences, the muggers, watch snatchers, et al. They (and we) deserve it.