At Palma airport, passengers numbers were down; in Ibiza they were up.


The Balearic government has pointed to an increase in first-quarter foreign tourism as evidence of a successful drive to promote low-season tourism. However, a 23% rise in March was undeniably assisted by the timing of the Easter holidays.

April's tourism will have also been affected by Easter, but in a different way. Passenger numbers for Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport indicate that there was a fall of 1.2% in April. There were 2.2 million passengers in all, of whom there were 709,000 who travelled to and from German airports and 434,000 to and from the UK.

Over the first four months of the year, passenger numbers at Palma grew by 5.5% to almost five million.

Elsewhere in April, and quite probably because of the lack of an Easter effect, there were passenger number decreases at Tenerife South (down eleven per cent), Gran Canaria, Alicante and Minorca (a seven per cent fall to 144,000). In Ibiza, by contrast, there was five per cent rise to over 487,000.


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Mat / Hace over 3 years

People have had enough of being ripped off this is just the start


rachel smith / Hace over 3 years

Speaking to a business owner in Palma Nova today. She says she has had three dreadful days. There seems to be very few tourists around.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

This could indicate that the virtual parity of the pound and euro are starting to have an effect and families,at least,are holidaying outside the eurozone.