Might not look much but it is an important discovery.


Archaeologists are almost certain that they have at long last found evidence of the Roman port in Alcudia. Surveys were undertaken three years ago, but the results of these are only now being made public. There were thirty-seven in all, and survey number thirty-three was the one to unearth what is believed to be part of the port's wall.

The site of the discovery is not far from the Horse Roundabout and is on land that has been earmarked for hotel development. It has long been understood that the Roman port extended inland from what is now the shoreline, but the precise location has been a mystery.

In recognising the discovery, Alcudia town hall has initially approved a modification regarding the development of the site. Its intention is to reserve a space for a museum, although the town hall is not totally giving up the possibility of other development.

Building a hotel has in any event meant differences between the town hall and the environment ministry. With the archaeological site to now be taken into account, whatever happens at the site will also be dependent on decisions regarding heritage. This will mean the involvement of the Council of Majorca's heritage committee.

The archaeologists remain slightly cautious in their assessment of the discovery, saying that large stone blocks that have been found "could" be related to the port. But they have also found evidence of amphora jugs (typical of the Roman era), and the fact that the site corresponds with an area where the port's wall was believed to have been means that there is little doubt that it is the wall.


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