Guest information will have to be registered with the state security forces.

From 1 July, owners of holiday rental accommodation will be obliged to comply with national law and provide guest information to the National Police or the Guardia Civil. This requirement is one that hotels have long had to comply with, and the obligation for holiday rentals was largely motivated by security concerns.

There has previously been some anxiety about how this information is to be supplied. There has also been criticism of the system to be used. Fines for non-compliance can be as high as 30,000 euros, so the holiday rentals sector is holding meetings with representatives of the security forces in order to obtain exact information as to how owners need to proceed. The first of these meetings, called by the Fevitur federation of holiday rentals associations, was in Alcudia yesterday. The next one is scheduled for Manacor on 28 May.

The low end of potential fines - between 100 and 600 euros - covers issues such as incomplete provision of data. The high end from 601 to 30,000 euros is for failure to register. There is also the risk of a holiday rentals licence being suspended for six months or, in the case of a repeat offence, two years.

The registration corresponds with properties that are authorised by the Balearic tourism ministry, therefore data regarding licensed holiday rentals.

Meanwhile, the Habtur association (formerly Aptur) is criticising the Balearic government for the delay in introducing its promised legislation for all-inclusive hotels. It says that the government can be restrictive where rentals are concerned, but not with all-inclusive.