Mayors Biel Ferragut and Toni Mir of Sa Pobla and Alcudia (second and third left) will want their input into the revived rail plan.


It hadn't previously been given specific mention as an aspect of the government's transport plan, but the project for a rail extension from Sa Pobla to Alcudia is to be revived and included in the plan.

The Alcudia extension was abandoned by the previous PSOE-led coalition government. The funding for it from Madrid had been in place. In the end, President Antich formally dropped the plan, but Madrid had in any event grown impatient because of the lack of agreement as to the route. The national government said that it would withdraw the funding and allocate it elsewhere. That was meant to have been for the Manacor-Arta line. Ultimately, of course, neither project was fulfilled.

The disagreement was between Alcudia town hall and the regional government, but it was more specific than this. The town hall was then led by Miquel Ferrer of the Unió Mallorquina. The minister for transport and land was Gabriel Vicens of the PSM Majorcan Socialists (now the main constituent of Més). These two parties were typically at loggerheads, the consequence in part of their competing visions of Majorcan nationalism.

The government proposed a route that would have run alongside the main road from Sa Pobla, passed through the Son Fe area and then gone to a terminus somewhere behind the auditorium in the town. There was an additional proposal for a tram link to the port.

The town hall rejected this option, as did farmers in Son Fe, who staged a tractor protest. It preferred a scheme to take the rail line by Albufera and to end by the ruined Es Fogueró nightclub near to the municipal boundary with Playa de Muro. There was also a variation on the government's plan, which was to combine the two proposals. The line would have followed the main road for a shorter distance and would then have been diverted to pass by Albufera and eventually end up at the Magic Roundabout in Puerto Alcudia.

The current government hasn't given any idea as to the route it would propose, but the project will be in the plan when it is finally published next month. Apart from a decision regarding the route, there would be the issue of cost. An estimate is 100 million euros. In principle, this cost might be met under the new special economic regime, which is due to be introduced next year. Or it might be met from the new insularity fund that is to be set up.


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GeorgeP / Hace over 3 years

Good lord. Train extension to Alcudia? Why? Stopping at Sa Pobla is fine! As does the dual carriageway, Perfect sense to those in cloud cuckoo land. Like Mallorcan politicians, mayors and tourism phobic twonks. What will MDB commentators have to moan about if common sense like this starts breaking out? Apart from the rentals of course, and the cyclists, and don't forget the..........????


James T / Hace over 3 years

James Little, you talk far too much sense to be on this forum!


John Little / Hace over 3 years

I agree it was a sad day when the trains stopped running but they were a victim of their time. The early sixties and motor transport for both freight and people was coming into its own. Mass tourism was just getting going and that market was overlooked or not recognised. The trains were losing money and so the plug was pulled. GOB would be happy to see rail rather than vehicle transport, and as far as being " meddling" would you prefer to see Dragonera covered in houses and hotels. Cala Mondrago. Ses Salines. Credit where credit is due. It may not be convenient for some but there has to be brake on developers wherever you are, and more than ever on this small island of limited space and resorces.


Ron / Hace over 3 years

S: Steam trains use coal. Do you really think the meddling GOB bunch would allow the pollution which this excellent scheme would generate??


S. / Hace over 3 years

The route from Manacor to Arta has been constructed. The lines have trees bordering the routes. There are new Station Buildings constructed e.g. Son Severa etc. Because funding was withdrawn, the route is now used as a dog walking toilet, and a cycle route. Originally there were train routes to most parts of the Island. The decision to stop using them , was extremely short sighted.. There used to be a small Steam Engine operating these lines. To have Steam Hauled Trains to as many parts of Mallorca, would be a wonderful Tourist Attraction.