The number of properties in Palma advertised on Airbnb has fallen markedly.

11-01-2005Joan Torres

AirDNA is a data analytics website which offers "Airbnb data and insights to succeed in the sharing economy" and "powerful products for growing your vacation rental business". Whether analysing "short-term rental rates in Majorca or regulatory impacts in Manhattan, AirDNA has the most comprehensive and longest-spanning data set".

This blurb all comes from the home page. The reference to Majorca and Manhattan could easily be reversed. In fact, AirDNA's analysis of Palma is that Airbnb was offering 34.8% fewer rental properties in April than in the same month last year: 1,809 versus 2,776.

The ban on apartment holiday rentals in the city is said to be having an impact. The fear of being fined under the regional government's legislation will have been as much of a factor. AirDNA recognises that there are worries about being fined, though it adds that some owners are prepared to take the risk.

As for prices of rentals, the average rose from 81.41 dollars in April last year to 104.62 this year, meaning 88.95 euros.

AirDNA concludes that Airbnb in Palma is ceasing to be a "low-cost" accommodation alternative for "millennials" and becoming a platform on which other types of accommodation providers can compete. In this regard, it highlights the presence of boutique hotels. Also noted is an increase in stand-alone rental properties, which would be unaffected by the town hall's ban but nevertheless still require the tourism ministry registration licence.

In Majorca as a whole, the decrease in accommodation advertised on Airbnb was far less dramatic. In April 2017 there were 15,013 properties. Last month there were 14,626, so a fall of only 2.6%.


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palmadave / Hace over 3 years

MDB. Any chance of putting a few tick boxes so that we can identify residents, non resident but property owners or neither.


James T / Hace over 3 years

What is so difficult to understand? Tourism is welcomed; excessive tourism is not... I say this as a tourist and also as an ex resident of the island. The numbers in July and Aug are resulting in overcrowding and detracting from the quality of the visitor experience as well as the resident's quality of life. If anything puts me off visiting it's the overcrowding in these months. I personally would like to see a 'super tax' introduced for tourism in these two months to control numbers and help ensure a good quality experience for everyone..


Suzy / Hace over 3 years

Well Louise I imagine you are a young lady who hasn't experienced the past years when the island was begging for visitors. It was a while ago!! I am fortunate to have a licence villa and spent loads of money on plumbers, electricians and property management. I love the island and agree it has been very busy. However you experience this for 6 months in the UK we experience a cramped island 12 months. So I hope your wishes come true but be sure this constant anti tourist feeling will deter people visiting. They may stop buying real estate too. It's a strange feeling but I'm not feeling very welcome now. We have decided to sell up in a year's time...pity.Thank


Austin Morgan / Hace over 3 years

We have a very similar problem in parts of North Wales but the bigger problem will come when the revenue to the Island drops as will maybe the standard of living then they will be crying out for visitors to return


Steve Riches / Hace over 3 years

Hurrah! We don't want all those high-spending tourists coming to our island to enrich our economy. We'll manage fine with our exports of Sa Pobla potatoes, almond nuts, leather stuff from Inca, artificial peals from Manacor, oranges from Soller and mooring charges for yachties.


Palmadave / Hace over 3 years

Louise.................I'm with you. No more illegal, indescriminate rentals in residential blocks. Henry. I look forward to the silence.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Enjoy the silence,Louise and enjoy the Island when you have it all to yourselves.


louise / Hace over 3 years

I do not believe this statics you have written. I am in real estate in palma and there is a noticable difference in the rentals... much less noise and less people and its wonderful not to have those suitcases going up and down the pavements as we have had to listen too for the last years. I think its great what the island is proceeding.. protecting the island and by the way we have many overseas owners who were renting their homes and for a fact where not paying any taxes !!!! So well done mallorca for trying to preserve this island before it is over run with people ! No more traffic jams too so far so thats a bonus too !!!


Helen / Hace over 3 years

Sadly it will be Palmas loss. Why cannot owners in their own properties rent their spare room out. This is the way I travel all over Europe and I have made great friends this way and enjoyed the city I am visiting much better as you are given personal advice. As a single traveller I do not like to stay in hotels. Restaurants, bars etc will all lose out. Then unemployment returns. Looking forward to the PP getting back into power and business sense for the island returns.