The Guardia Civil made arrests yesterday.

22-05-2018Guardia Civil

Four Britons have been arrested by the Guardia Civil, who have been investigating the circumstances of a fire at the BH Mallorca Hotel in Magalluf on Sunday. The fire was coming from one room and affected other areas. Some one hundred guests were evacuated from the block where the fire originated.

From statements taken by the Guardia Civil, it seemed as if the fire was the consequence of a prank involving a spray and a lighter. The mattress of a bed caught alight, and the fire spread. A forensics team has now confirmed this.

The room in question, in which there had been five people at the time, was gutted. The fifth person was asleep and was the target of the prank. Given damage to other rooms and parts of the block, the total cost for repair, cleaning and compensation is put at around 200,000 euros.


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Question about occupancy / Hace over 3 years

Are 5 people allowed to be allocated in 1 room?


Rogerthebutler / Hace over 3 years

Putting the stupidity to one side - there is the wider question and concern of how quickly the blaze ripped through the building. Didn’t appear to be much fire-retardant beds or furniture in there, which clearly needs looking at. Plus, if they got so drunk from alcohol plied by the hotel, then there is some degree of culpability there. Lots of lessons to be learned - and thankfully nobody died.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

It sounds as though their joint IQ does not reach double figures.


S. / Hace over 3 years

What is wrong with the Teenage Youth of today ?. They are a disgrace. I hope they are given major long term Prison sentences. I often wonder if Britain could afford to bring back National Service. Because today there is No Discipline, No Respect and No Manners among these excuses for human beings.


Mark / Hace over 3 years

Sheer stupidity we could be looking at a Grenfell tradegy here mass fatalities lock them up for ten years for arson


Viva españa / Hace over 3 years

Welcome to summer in Mallorca. This will prove to be a very expensive holiday. Somebody sleeping and four others playing a prank with fire. Once again human beings prove beyond doubt that we are not the most intelligent life form. Of course the aliens have already figured this out!