A pickpocket was picked up in Camp de Mar.


As can be the case in other parts of the island, market days in Andratx attract pickpockets. On Wednesday, one of them was arrested by the local police. He was at a bus stop in Camp de Mar. A patrol stopped by the bus stop, and a woman in the car picked him out. Once at the police station, the officers were thanked for having been able to recover what had been stolen.

Andratx police and the Guardia Civil have stepped up surveillance on market days. Around a month ago, they became aware of a pickpocketing gang which had arrived from Barcelona. It has been particularly active in Puerto Andratx, where officers identified some members last week.

Also on Wednesday, the local police in Soller detained three pickpockets.

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Jeremy / Hace over 3 years

The European Court of Human Rights is making crime escalate in Europe. The criminals today are the ones protected as it is now very difficult and expensive to get prosecutions.

In the olden days the thieves at the markets and the women muggers in Magaluf would have received a hiding from the police, which would have prevented much of what happens today.

Victims are the ones today that are not protected - victims are WE the decent and honest people.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

Well done to the police but this is not new,it's been going on for years,I used to tell family and friends never to take a wallet with them but just take the money they might need for that day in a front pocket.


S. / Hace over 3 years

I have seen pickpockets on buses, along bus queues, all over the Island. It is almost impossible to warn Tourists about these low life operating everywhere. Perhaps Hotels should have warning information. Trying to avoid any crowding, is very difficult. It used to be Flower Selling gangs, but today these criminals arrive from everywhere. Probably from passport free countries, again !!!.


Les C / Hace over 3 years

I say, just take their tools away. These pickpockets are not people and worse than animals, so they should never be allowed any future human rights. I could not imagine a no handed pickpocket. Yes if it means to take both hands off, take both hands off, and not just one. Be aware, these people now operate throughout the island, even on the east coast. Someone told me that he was pickpocketed even in Porto Cristo this year. The trauma pickpockets can cause can be immense to who they pick on.


TC / Hace over 3 years

To save further pickpocket activities from the said gang. Smash their hands with a hammer.