Yesterday's meeting of Calvia's working party on prostitution.

05-06-2018Ajuntament de Calvia

A meeting was held at Calvia town hall yesterday of the working party which deals with people engaged in prostitution. It was presided over by Nati Francés, the deputy mayor for equality, and was attended by the Council of Majorca's director for equality, Nina Parrón, and Aligi Molina, Palma's councillor for equality and head of the Palma network for attending to people who practise prostitution. The aim of the meeting was to come to a common position on the situation in Magalluf regarding the gangs which control the Nigerian women and the risks to public order in the area.

The working party comprises town hall departments and representatives from political parties, the police, the Guardia Civil, NGOs, the Balearic Institute for Women, the Balearic health service, the national government delegation and the university.

The town hall has expressed its concern about the situation and has called on the government delegation to increase the Guardia Civil presence in order to prevent trouble and any greater disorder. Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez says that he will be reiterating this to the new government delegate - as and when he or she is appointed - and regrets the fact that he has not received a response to a letter sent to the delegation on 30 May.

The mayor wants whoever is the new delegate and whoever becomes the new national interior minister to be more aware of the situation and to attack the root cause - the gangs (or "mafias") which are behind the exploitation of the women.


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mary / Hace over 3 years

I am sure eveyone would welcome a bigger police presence that you see in other areas, for example in Cala Dor the guardia has a good sized force daily patrolling day & night. Lets hope that if they do bring in more police that these will actively "patrol" i.e. walk around as the only pilice I have ever seen in the area dont ever seem to leave the comfort and dafety of their car. They drive up & down the sea front in the daytime & sit in the car opposite papis, but rarely seen actually walking about which is what is needed.


Dreampast / Hace over 3 years

2018 NOTHING! has changed in Magalluf! I remember these thugs wandering the streets and mugging people for their wallets over 20 years ago! The local police should round them up and deport them back to their own country


RBMM / Hace over 3 years

With camera surveillance it would be much easier to convict such people. Media, politicians, etc much adhere to the presumption of innocence, i.e., that people are innocent unless proven guilty. Journalists, politicians, etc may think that the prostitutes discussed recently in MDB and elsewhere are thieves, but they are not supposed to voice such opinions.


Cazzy M / Hace over 3 years

Round the thieving muggers up arrest them then send them back to where they came. They are bringing the island into disrepute and people are scared to come to Mallorca for fear of being battered and having their valuables stolen!!!!


Holidaymaker / Hace over 3 years

Still not recognising the violent aggressive organised gangs of women and Still calling them prostitutes?? They must be laughing their heads off at the stupid loop hole in the law . They do not offer any services except grabbing men by their privates to get their wallets ? If I were to walk down the street and grab a man in this way I would be arrested for sexual assault? If I were to hang around the streets mugging people without being legally in the country I would be deported ? If I hadn’t witnessed the muggers myself and read the stories on here I would say it was a big joke !! The government are stopping football supporters later be music showing alcohol on store fronts banning bar crawls taxing everything possible to tax but if your a prostitute your ok in the eyes of the police and the government!!


Glenn / Hace over 3 years

Correct me if i'm wrong but does the picture of "busy doing nothing" that heads this article have a thumbs down painting on the wall? How apt..


Luvmallorca / Hace over 3 years

Such a shame that such a beautiful island should be tainted like this when the solution should be simple. Your economy is really going to suffer for this. Tourists are already down 7% on last year and that will only get worse if nothing significant is done to rid the streets of these thieves and muggers. Stop fudging the issue and sort it out.


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

In the meantime the authorities will implement exaggerated crackdowns on big tv-screens,pubs , and other silly rules during the World Cup matches to make it safe Don't make me laugh, wrong focus


Theresa / Hace over 3 years

A sad day they still do not refer to them as “Violent, Aggressive Thugs”. Well sadly this is the end for Magaluf now - I feel sorry for the businesses and Melia whom have recently invested €millions. These gangs have been given the green light - you will see them spreading their operation wider now. A sad day. I would go to the meeting tomorrow but I know it will be just a waste of time as we will be told that these women have rights as they are forced into it ... absolute rubbish - thuggery is their job/trade and they are all laughing at the European population for their stupidity and gullibility.

Someone will be killed soon.


John P / Hace over 3 years

A complete waste of time.Calvia politicians must have more meetings to “prove” they are doing something when in reality they are the most inept bunch of buck passing individuals possible.Why do they persist in saying “prostitues”?These women are violent organised thugs .Not even got a govt.delegate yet to pass any “concerns”to.If these people want another meeting it should be about the organised crime in Calvia and stop trying to be politically correct. Have the people at the meeting been to Magaluf and walked alone or in twos in the early morning hours and if not why not to experience these poor ,put on frightened “prostitues “ and to offer them help! Thought not.