Never a dull moment for Calvia police in Magalluf.


A 22-year-old Scottish tourist has been arrested in Magalluf for assaulting the people he was staying with at his hotel and attacking police officers.

Calvia police were called by reception to the Hotel Flamboyan because of a fight in his room. The two other occupants of the room, men aged 33 and 34, had received facial injuries. The police established that the previous night he had been returned to the hotel by the Guardia Civil for having caused a disturbance in the street. He had also caused damage to the room.

When he was arrested, he didn't initially resist, but he then started kicking and punching the officers. They managed to get him into the patrol car, but in the process he butted the door and dented it.

An ambulance with a doctor was called to the scene. The doctor sought to sedate him and he was also attacked. Eventually, he was taken to Son Espases Hospital because of injuries he had caused to himself.

He was found to be well over the alcohol limit, but he said that he hadn't taken any other substances. He also said that he didn't usually drink.

He was kept in the cell at Calvia police station before being handed over to the Guardia Civil, who are now dealing with his case.


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Will / Hace over 3 years

But the EU will insist that his Human Rights must be upheld, so may as well let him go home with our thanks....


Glenn / Hace over 3 years

Simply fine him for damage caused to hotel, fine him for damage caused to police vehicles, fine him for causing a public order put the money back into the local area and compensate the Guardia civil for having to deal with him then lock him up until his flight home and the fines have been fully paid. Ban him from the island for 10 years and its perhaps it's time the UK gov imposed restrictions on returning morons from travelling anywhere overseas until they pass a test to show they have more sense than a toilet seat. People drinking and having a good time into the night are on the whole not a problem its scum like this prat that are the problem.


Fiona / Hace over 3 years

We British have a poor attitude to alcohol, so why on earth does Mallorca allow All Inclusive hotels in resorts


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

A few months in the Pama Hilton would do him the world of good and when he gets out,ban him from leaving the UK for at least five years when he might by then have grown-up.


TC / Hace over 3 years

Justice has and will be served I'm sure. Magaluf and the authorities have no control over individuals actions other than an arrest and a court appearance. Likewise the police can't stop the perpetrator from head butting a door panel so hard he dents it or injuring himself during the apprehension. If you hear what I'm not saying.


Viva españa / Hace over 3 years

How many more times?????? Lock him up orvputvhim on plane back to Scotland and ensure that he is not allowed to travel outside of the UK for ten years. If karma really does work, he will be offered a very lucrative job overseas when he grows up and will have to decline it because of his past actions. At the same token when you allow people to drink until the sun comes up, what do you expect? We need to change the law to discourage all night drinking.