The German was arrested in Palma last Thursday.


A 36-year-old German was detained in Palma last Thursday by the National Police. He is wanted in Germany for more than fifty offences, including murder, sexual assault, robbery and fraud.

On Wednesday last week, his current partner denounced him for mistreatment. She told police that he was a very dangerous individual and had previously spent ten years in prison in Germany. Following the complaint, the police traced him to an apartment where he was arrested.

He was taken before a court on Saturday, which ordered his detention in prison. The National Police have explained that among his belongings was a false UK driving licence. He had used this to rent several vehicles. For this, he was charged with forgery. In addition, the police found ten credit cards in the name of a German citizen who had filed a report about their theft in Arenal.

The police were then in contact with the German authorities. At this point it was discovered that there was a European warrant for his arrest.


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Henry James / Hace over 3 years

When I leave the UK,my passport is checked,don't the Germans check passports when Germans leave Germany because a man with that many convictions,especially such serious convictions should surely have been flagged-up and arrested when he tried to leave Germany.


Mat / Hace over 3 years

Shengen i DONT think so brexit can’t come soon enough we should have closed our boarders the day we voted out WHY would you want to let this scum go where ever they please is beyond me !