It will cost to park a coach in Valldemossa in the summer.

05-06-2018Antoni Martin

Operators of excursions coaches going to Valldemossa during the main summer season will have to reserve a parking space and pay for it.

The town hall and the Balearic Transport Operators Federation have reached an agreement which will mean a charge of five euros in the morning and one euro in the afternoon/evening. It is hoped that this measure will help to reduce visitor overcrowding at certain times of the day.

A similar measure but with higher charges was planned for last summer. It was dropped because the coach operators promised to spread out the times when they arrived, which they did.

An app for making bookings will be ready by the middle of June, and the system will come into effect soon afterwards. The town hall insists that the measure is not a revenue-raising one but is designed to prevent overcrowding. Coaches for school trips and those by pensioners will be exempt from having to make bookings and needing to pay.


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Alan Robertson / Hace over 3 years

Coach Tax,Tourist Tax does Mallorca not want tourism any more.


Britbabe / Hace over 3 years

So, the powers that be have decided that a charge of either 1 or 5 euros will deter coaches full of visitors. Are they having a laugh ? If a coach company passes on this charge, a coach load of 50 will pay an extra 50 centimos per person maximum. I doubt very much that this will deter them. Why aren´t "out-of-town" coach parks provided, so coaches can drop off and pick up their passengers ( say maximum 30 minutes loading/unloading time ), then they have to park outside the busy town area. Valdemossa should not try to deter visitors but embrace them Don´t bite the hands that feed you.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I wonder how the bars,restaurants and cafes will react when they find a drastic drop in their takings.?