Massage on the beach in Magalluf; it's illegal. | Michel's

During May, Calvia police issued 411 "denuncias" for contraventions of the bylaw on coexistence, 66 more than in May last year. The majority of these - 267- were for illegal street selling. There were 34 for unauthorised massage, 31 for drinking alcohol in the streets, 28 for possession or taking of drugs, eight for having sex in public and three for nudity or semi-nudity in unauthorised areas.

Separate to these police interventions, over the past week there were 22 reports for engaging in illegal publicity activities, fines for which range between 601 and 6,000 euros. The town hall announced a toughening-up of its regulations on street publicity by approving a revised bylaw on 8 May.

The illegal publicity can simply be spoken as well as through the distribution of material. Fifteen PRs (tiqueteros or touts) were fined for "oral publicity" without a licence on behalf of ten different establishments. Seven more received sanctions for distributing publicity leaflets. The employment inspectorate has been contacted, and it will check on their employment status.

These 22 sanctions compare with just 25 for similar offences during the whole of last year.

The number of points where publicity can be distributed has been reduced. There are four zones in Magalluf and one in both Paguera and Santa Ponsa. In order to engage in legal publicity, PRs have to be licensed and clearly recognisable by bibs issued by the town hall at the time of granting the licences. The hours of their activity vary according to the type of establishment - six in the afternoon to four in the morning for clubs and discos; eight in the evening to two in the morning for others.