Massage on the beach in Magalluf; it's illegal.


During May, Calvia police issued 411 "denuncias" for contraventions of the bylaw on coexistence, 66 more than in May last year. The majority of these - 267- were for illegal street selling. There were 34 for unauthorised massage, 31 for drinking alcohol in the streets, 28 for possession or taking of drugs, eight for having sex in public and three for nudity or semi-nudity in unauthorised areas.

Separate to these police interventions, over the past week there were 22 reports for engaging in illegal publicity activities, fines for which range between 601 and 6,000 euros. The town hall announced a toughening-up of its regulations on street publicity by approving a revised bylaw on 8 May.

The illegal publicity can simply be spoken as well as through the distribution of material. Fifteen PRs (tiqueteros or touts) were fined for "oral publicity" without a licence on behalf of ten different establishments. Seven more received sanctions for distributing publicity leaflets. The employment inspectorate has been contacted, and it will check on their employment status.

These 22 sanctions compare with just 25 for similar offences during the whole of last year.

The number of points where publicity can be distributed has been reduced. There are four zones in Magalluf and one in both Paguera and Santa Ponsa. In order to engage in legal publicity, PRs have to be licensed and clearly recognisable by bibs issued by the town hall at the time of granting the licences. The hours of their activity vary according to the type of establishment - six in the afternoon to four in the morning for clubs and discos; eight in the evening to two in the morning for others.


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Paul / Hace over 3 years

So Calvia I would like to complain on the way you look after Magaluf and its tourist ( YOU DONT ) I’ll point some things that are wrong 1 , lookie lookie , street sellers , muggers , drug dealers or what ever you want to call them 100s of them all working with out a license or contract. 2 prostituties , muggers loads of them 3 bar crawls , events loads 4 ticket sellers ( not prs ) loads 5 free bar , all inclusive, unlimited drinks the law says it’s not legal but it’s still happening 5 some bars are taking in young Spanish kids serving them drink the police can see this but don’t do anything???? Calvia was one of the riches government but now it’s a government that doesn’t care if it did all the above wouldn’t be happening.



Paul / Hace over 3 years

I have just read about Calvia clamping down on ticket sellers and prs but I don’t know if I’m wrong in say , if my pr talk to someone to sell them a beer at 2€ they could receive a fine of 6000€ but if a lookie lookie talk to someone selling a hat for 2€ all he gets is a 80€ fine plus he probably don’t have a contract so what’s the difference between a lookie look and a prs they are both trying to sell something . Also can I ask what is caliva bylaw I would like to see that law in english


steve Kane / Hace over 3 years

Its simple if caught then they should be taken to the Local Nick and kept in for 24hrs minus Phones and anything they can use they should then be banned from the Beach and if seen again taken straight before the courts no questions it is the ONLY way to deal with them .


John P / Hace over 3 years

Calvia police issued 267 illegal street selling.Proves the system is one big joke ! 9 per day in all Calvia! That number could be trebled per day in Paguera alone if the police did their job instead of looking the other way and the season is not yet in full swing,nothing changes.


holidaymaker / Hace over 3 years

I could not think of anything as discusting as a massage on the beach !! Who knows what cooking oil they use on you and then they massage someone with scabies or some skin disease and do not wash their hands then transfer it to the next mug !! Who pays for the pleasure lol .


Les C / Hace over 3 years

Just a word of caution about an on beach massage. My late wife was a qualified beauty therapist and did a lot of massage in her work. It worries me what type of oils they are using. One could not trace them anywhere should one get a reaction to the oils they are using . So be extra careful. It would not be much fun ending up in a rash later.


Voice of the people / Hace over 3 years

Cazzy . My daughter got her purse took of her by one of these " massage girls " while she was sunbathing on a beach so i am sorry , they are not all as innocent as they look .


Jo / Hace over 3 years

I was sat in Tom Briwns eating lunch when a guardia car patrolled the beach area, a phllapeno woman saw the guards and shoved a pretty big package up her top and started to walk the other way..... ni need for guesses to what it was


Cazzy / Hace over 3 years

The lucky lucky men sell toys and drugs. The massage ladies on the beach offer a service for euros. They get caught. walk around for 10 minutes then are straight back on the beach!! At least they are harmless unlike the night muggers of magaluf robbing and beating tourists!!!!!


Mike ( Belgium ) / Hace over 3 years

Harvey you are partly responsible for them turning up every day as long as people like you give them money.Not inpossible that the one who gave you a massage will rob at night