The National Police in Palma have arrested a 28-year-old Moroccan man on suspicion of having raped a woman he had got to know through a social network.

The police were responding to information forwarded from Zaragoza, where a woman had reported events that had occurred in Palma in 2015. She had been working as a nurse in Palma, and in April of that year she agreed to meet a man with whom she had been communicating.

Prior to the meeting, she was asked to wear fine lingerie and a mask, so that he couldn't see her. When he arrived, she found that he was not the same person she had been communicating with. There was an argument and he left.

Subsequently, the woman phoned the number she had and asked why someone else had gone to her home. The explanation was that a friend had been sent in order to make sure that she was who he had been expecting to meet and to take some photos as proof. She then agreed to allow the "friend" to return in order to take the photos.

Following this, she received a phone call in which he insisted that the "friend" should be allowed to have sex with her. She was offered 300 euros and the drug of her choice. She refused. A short time after this, the friend, who was of course the man she had been communicating with all along, went to her home. She opened the door, he pushed her and then sexually assaulted her. He then blackmailed her by threatening to post semi-naked photos of her on social networks if she did not agree to his sexual demands.