Peter Stringfellow even had his own chickens in Majorca.


Tributes have flooded in for Peter Stringfellow from across Majorca, his second home for many years. Jess Conrad and Robert Winsor, who had both known Peter since he was just starting out in the entertainment business in his home town Sheffield and later Leeds, were deeply saddened by the news, although Peter had very thoughtfully called a number of his closest friends a few months ago to say that he was very ill.

"We all knew, no one spoke about it but it still came as a shock when we woke up yesterday morning."

Jess Conrad spoke of how "wonderfully considerate and caring" Peter was and how he was a champion of good people and great causes, such as Robert Winsor’s charity golf tournaments. "He cared more about his family, his lovely wife Bella and his close friends until the very end. I first met him when he was a DJ back in Leeds, I took Diana Dors with me. He was loads of fun, had a great sense of humour, perhaps a bit over the top at times but a true gent," said a teary Conrad.

Robert considered Peter to be like a brother. In their younger days they both had long hair and even looked alike. "I knew Peter for at least 38 years. I was with him when he opened the clubs in London, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. In fact, it was while he was staying with me here in Majorca that he fell in love with the island and decided to buy a boat and eventually a house here. He loved the place and was always a great help with my charity golf tournaments, even though he couldn’t play. He was so generous, always on the first tee introducing the celebrity players and making the odd joke and then helping with the charity auctions. He was also a great cook. That was his passion. Maria and I had many a great meal and evening at his house with Bella. And to think that he never smoked or took drugs. He liked the odd glass of Viña Sol, but that was about it. He was also extremely intelligent and a great public speaker. We knew it was coming, but you can never really be prepared when it eventually happens. Our thoughts go out to the beautiful Bella, the kids and all of his family. I am going to really miss him."

"Peter was like marmite, some of those who didn’t know him, didn’t like him based on the clubs he owned. But everyone who knew him, including the late Margaret Thatcher, who accepted an invitation to his club only to ask where the girls were. Peter had thought that the prime minister would not have approved of his Angels. His London club was, is, historic and the list of celebrities, rich and famous who went there is endless.

"The last time he invited me, I happened to bump into my all-time favourite actor Mickey Rourke. In the official group pictures Rourke swung Peter around calling him Goldfinger. Peter loved it, just like he loved life. Having gone bankrupt once, it was not going to stop him from achieving his goals. He was a fighter, he would have stood for mayor of London had the intended turnout made it worthwhile. His crown needs to be found a very special resting place."

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Chris Wright / Hace over 3 years

I bumped into Peter a couple of times and thought he was a really nice guy. I have no idea why my comment about a phone mast in Sant Elm was linked to this article. Oh by the way it’s still no better.


Daniel / Hace over 3 years

Lovely tribute to a very, very nice man. Such sad news. My dad and I used to see Peter a lot in the old Flintstones Cafe in Portals Village and he'd always invite us to come and sit and have a chat with him. He will be sorely missed and it's such a shame that such a kind, warm and friendly person has been cruelly taken. RIP.


Thighs / Hace over 3 years

I saw him on a BMI flight from Heathrow a good few years ago. Had a chat at the the luggage carousel in Palma. Nice guy.


Jeff smith / Hace over 3 years

We bumped into him on a few easyjet flights and then also in the market at santa maria, was funny as we struck up conversation and he said how he liked to go there and get his fruit and veg as it was so much cheaper than down the other end of the island while wearing a fabulous gold watch haha lovely lovely man amd always gave you the time if day. Great memories of meeting him a few times on the island


James Worrall / Hace over 3 years

Stringfellow made his money from a nightclub called mojo. In the pitsmoor( area of Sheffield which burnt down. The rest is history


Richard / Hace over 3 years

I am failing to see a connection between Peter and phone masts. Anyway, I did not know the guy but saw him regularly on EasyJet and he once kindly gave my wife a hand with our toddler as they were deboarding. She said he was very helpful, polite, nice guy.


Chris Wright / Hace over 3 years

We’ve had little or no mobile phone signal in parts of Sant Elm for several weeks now. It turns out that builders have removed the phone mast which is lying on its side while renovation work takes place on the roof of a building. I asked if they could put it back but they said I should speak to the phone company. Strange as it was the builders who decided to move it. I’ve sent several emails and photos but no response. I can email a photo if this is of interest. Thanks