Cables - an eyesore in Palma.

11-06-2018Miquel A. Cañellas

The Arca association, which promotes the preservation of heritage, has criticised the increasing amount of cabling to be seen along streets in Palma. It crosses streets and hangs from buildings and posts. Arca suggests that fibre optics have been a cause of converting the fronts of buildings in an "intolerable fashion".

Àngels Fermoselle, spokesperson for Arca, says that telecommunications and broadcasting companies make considerable amounts of money but that they do not have the right to cause "aesthetic damage". Cables, in Arca's opinion, are one of the things that most detract from the city's image. The association has been demanding that the town hall acts in compliance with an obligation to protect and improve this image. The city's general urban plan, Arca adds, obliges cabling to be buried.

Accusing the town hall of having been turning a blind eye, Arca does concede that the administration has presented a pilot project for cabling in Sa Calatrava and has made underground cabling obligatory throughout the city in instances of new buildings and restoration. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that cabling on the vast majority of buildings is about to disappear.

Arca is insisting that the town hall prevents more cables and that companies are made responsible for burying them in accordance with municipal regulations to protect the city's image.

José Hila, deputy mayor for urban planning, recognises the damage that cables cause to the city's heritage, noting that the pilot scheme for Sa Calatrava will be extended into the old centre of the city.


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John P / Hace over 3 years

Surely it’s not fair to accuse the Town Hall or indeed any politicians on the island of “turning a blind eye”.Consider how fair and wide eyed they are to the plight of the misunderstood “prostitues “in Magaluf,the misunderstood illegal street sellers and the misunderstood lucky,lucky men selling toys.


GeorgeP / Hace over 3 years

Parts of Alcudia are tangled in cables. The recently newly pavemented roads have hidden piping to take electric and communication cables but no one will accept the cost of transferring and installing them so they remain above ground adorning facades and spanning streets. Home owners will also face costs in new boxes and channels being cut into their properties to accept cables coming from underground. You get used to them but it's hardly world heritage stuff.


Bob C / Hace over 3 years

I have cables on the front of my house but they aren't as bad as any of the ones shown above. Meanwhile, first thing I did when I moved in was take down all the TV, radio and satellite kits off the roof. The manky old water tanks are coming down next.

Sky wont be installing any more dishes in the near future as everyone will have fast broadband internet. If the cabling can be done with a little more consideration then the whole place will be a lot tidier shortly.

Sadly there'll be a lot less tourists here to see it.


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

I doubt if most tourists notice them or care anyway,likewise most residents.


George / Hace over 3 years

For me they add character and some areas they have done them like a work of art.