Yesterday's presentation by Habtur and the business associations.


The Habtur holiday rentals association yesterday presented a new campaign for integrated tourism which has the aim of demonstrating the social and economic benefits of a correct use of holiday rentals.

This campaign intends to dismantle "false myths" about rentals and promote quality tourism which provides a fair distribution of benefits to individuals and businesses. It brings together the two associations for smaller retailers, Afedeco and Pimeco; the association for small to medium-sized businesses, Pimem; and the Majorca restaurants association.

At yesterday's presentation, the associations highlighted the losses that have been incurred since the introduction of Balearic holiday rentals legislation last summer. In total, it was claimed, these amount to an annual figure of 1,000 million euros, a tenth of this the loss to around 20,000 families who have found it more or less impossible to continue renting out their homes (or second homes) to tourists. On top of this are the losses for restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets and others; all the consequence of the "negative effects" of the legislation.

The associations agreed that they have experienced significant falls in sales. Alfonso Robledo, president of the restaurants association, said that business turnover in parts of Majorca has dropped by 30%. He picked out Cala d'Or for particular mention, adding that this has had a negative impact on employment.

Jordi Mora of Pimem disputed the Balearic government's belief that the legislation has been beneficial for long-term rental. "Holiday rental supply has gone down and prices for residential letting have gone up by 25%. There is no significant influence on housing."

There was a general view that the government's legislation is both confusing and disproportionate.


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john hughes / Hace over 3 years

North Africa starts at the French border .....


AndrewP / Hace over 3 years

Nobody wants to hear "I told you so", and every business wants top end sales, however, the biggest market in all commodities is middle where traders have volume sales at sensible pricing. The doubling of the tourist tax alongside increasing flight and accommodation prices, not forgetting the price of drinks and dining in restaurants has all become hugely expensive especially for families with children (not affordable), continue at this level of taxing and prices, all I can see is masses of business failures. I have two holidays booked in Balearics for this year as well as two visits to Canaries, my future plans will be in other places perhaps in mainland Spain where tourist taxes are not applied or even Portugal. Goodbye and good luck!!!


Carly / Hace over 3 years

Although most would disagree with me, I feel there should be control on holiday rentals. When I bought my apartment it was all residential. Now everyone that buys wants a share of the rental market. Kept awake by revellers coming in at all hours, puke on the walkways etc. Would you want to live with this? No I can't afford to move and why should I?


John P / Hace over 3 years

And while yet another “campaign “ is launched to state the obvious,the hotels will increase prices making more profit,the politicians will pretend to listen to the campaign,delay for another 12 months.Restuarants will have to increase prices due to falling numbers,unemployment will rise and all those who vote for this pathetic bunch of politicians,whichever party will put their heads in the sand and start another campaign!


Steve, Palma Nova / Hace over 3 years

The main thing is that Barceló and his cronies have received their brown envelopes, and got their Caribean holidays sorted free for life thanks to the Hoteliers Federation, nothing else matters for our politicians.


Stuart Mead / Hace over 3 years

I’ve said this all along. The tourist tax anti tourist brigade and rental situation is going to have an adverse affect on your island. If you can do without tourists that’s fine. We can go elsewhere.


LyndseyWallop / Hace over 3 years

It beggars belief that the powers that be couldn't predict this would be the impact of their decisions. We are heading out to Cala d'Or next week - will be interesting to see for ourselves. Really feel for the local businesses, I know so many people (families and couples) who, having tried private rental accommodation, simply wont return to staying in hotels. In many cases, this includes aparthotels - as it's not just the self catering they are after, they no longer want the hassle of trying to get a sunbed round the pool and feeling like they are packed in like sardines. Most private complex's offer a much more spacious and relaxed pool-side experience.

Let's hope the zoning is finalised next month and the requirements for applying for a licence are sufficiently reasonable to enable at least some properties to be successful. Otherwise, I fear the likes of Cala d'Or will suffer a significant decline - which surely is in absolutely no-ones best interest.


Paul / Hace over 3 years

And so the tourist tax will go up year after year, to try and plug the gap!


Mike / Hace over 3 years

The implementation of the law (and the delay in the zoning) was always going to spell disaster for those resorts that rely to a large part on visitors, often regular and returning, who prefer the option of private rental accommodation.

It gave people the freedom of frequenting local bars and restaurants, self cater when they wanted and plan their stay independently.

Those visitors chose and came to those resorts because they enjoyed those options and the way of holidaying.

They have now been forced to spend their holidays elsewhere. The likelihood of them returning is very small. Apart from a dismal 2018 for many local businesses the outlook is bleak. Those resorts won't be as attractive to those kind of independent travellers in future.

Extremely short-sighted and very little consideration for the devastating effect in some regions, like Porto Pollensa for example.

There will be a clearer picture once the season is finished, but I do hold out very little hope.


Palmadave / Hace over 3 years

Habtur should stop presenting mythical losses and actually tell us all what their ' campaign for integrated tourism which has the aim of demonstrating the social and economic benefits of a correct use of holiday rentals. actually consists of IN DETAIL. Perhaps a representative of local residents should be involved also be involved in their discussions.