Pollensa tops the list for holiday rentals prices.


According to the German rentals website Holidu, holiday rentals in the Balearics are the most expensive in Spain. The average price per night in the high season is 264 euros and 202 euros in the low season. The prices are such that even the low season is more expensive than the high season in all other regions with the exception of Catalonia, where the average in July and August is 203 euros.

The website says that an excellent supply of holiday rentals in the Balearics and the holiday rentals legislation, because of restrictions introduced, have led to the Balearics becoming the most expensive region.

Pollensa has the highest prices of all municipalities, not just in the Balearics but in the whole of Spain. There is an average price of 373 euros, slightly above Ibiza Town on 371 euros. Cala d'Or ranks third with 355 euros. In Calvia, the high season average is 274 euros; this falls to 189 euros from September. Puerto Soller's average is 264 euros, dropping to 213 in September. The least expensive coastal municipality is Capdepera, where the average for Cala Ratjada is 189 euros in high season.

To give an example of how prices in the Balearics contrast with elsewhere, in the Canaries the most expensive destination is Lanzarote, where the average price is 141 euros per night.


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Theresa / Hace over 3 years

I so feel for all the hardworking people with their own businesses. I hope they can survive. There is going to be an awful lot of stress and pressure of families. Divorce will happen due to the strain. I saw this all in 2007/2008/2009 with the aftermath of the last "tourist tax" which annihilated the island and then the recession hit also. Many will lose everything and will leave the island destitute.

The season will be terrible next year and worse in 2020. The wealthy will still come for the 6 weeks July and August but this will not sustain the existing resorts of Santa Ponsa, Cala D'Or, Cala Bona etc.

What the government fail to realise is that the high rises built in the 1970s have not been upgraded for wealthy visitors and wealthy visitors would not stay in them anyway as narrow bedrooms that you have to shuffle around the bed.

People also want posh apartments now to rent.

The "All Inclusive" loyalty to the Hoteliers Association is killing the island - it attracts the wrong clientele often.

Mallorca should be ahead in the field of tourism demographic awareness but they are lacking in every way.


Jet Black / Hace over 3 years

Authorities getting what they deserve, hotels too exploiting the restrictions....small businesses will ultimately suffer....two sets of friends have booked separate packages in Mexico and Thailand after being loyal to Mallorca for years....it’s now cheaper!


Northern Lass / Hace over 3 years

No surprise there then ! Why would you want to put your money into somewhere where you get fleeced by the very place you are intending to invest your hard earned cash, via your holiday. Not welcome = no visit.


Bob C / Hace over 3 years

Most expensive place to go in spain + ban of touristic rentals = both barrels into the foot...

Couldn't make it up.


Ron / Hace over 3 years

Not only is Pollença the most expensive place to stay in Spain, this year the shops, supermarkets, restaurants and bars are jumping on the bandwagon with outrageous prices. Very few residents eating out nowadays.


George / Hace over 3 years

As Mallorca has restricted the offerings, those that have licenses - will definitely now be as the song goes "In the Money".

Seven years ago the market had more competition so prices were reducing.


Les C / Hace over 3 years

Sadly hardly surprising, due to the lack of available rentals currently on the islands. Just get current the mess sorted out for all.