Police want an end to confrontation in Magalluf. | Michel's

A two-hour meeting was held at Calvia town hall yesterday. Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez and senior local police and Guardia Civil officers met six representatives from Magalluf, where there have been nightly protests against the presence of Nigerian women on the streets who pose as prostitutes but are engaged in violent robbery.

The town hall said that the meeting was very positive; further meetings are to be held during the summer. The points of view given by the town hall and police were as would have been expected. The women are the victims of organised criminal gangs; people can't take matters into their own hands; one crime cannot be met by another, as with the accusations of hate crime levelled at some of the protesters.  

The Guardia Civil referred to the absence of "denuncias" made against the women and said that there need to be these reports in order for officers to deal with the issue effectively. In essence, the police message was to back off and let the security forces deal with things.

There was also discussion of problems with street sellers, action against whom has been demanded for years. The Magalluf representatives also called for improved lighting in darker areas of the resort, more security cameras and greater police presence.