Max the boxer.

The British community in and around San Agustin in Cala Major has come to the aid of a local dog. The campaign is being led by Anne Mette and Marta, both local British residents, and they have denounced the mistreatment of a boxer to the local police on a number of occasions but to no avail.

The problem appears to be that Max, a four-year-old boxer, spends all day and night barking and howling. Max belongs to a local squatter who works in a bar in Magalluf and occasionally comes home to sleep but never gives the dog any food or water.

This is where the local community has come in. While lodging further reports and complaints with the police, the locals are giving the dog food and water, and Anne says yesterday that they are prepared to mount a protest if no action is taken by the authorities.

A petition has been started.