A navy minesweeper located the plane in deep water.


The Air Tractor fire-fighting plane that went missing on Tuesday has been located. One of the navy's minesweepers, Tajo, which started searching the area off Pollensa early on Friday morning, detected the plane and the body of the pilot, Antonio Alfaro, on Friday afternoon at quarter past three. The discovery, using the ship's sonar equipment, was two miles north of Majorca in the area of Cala Romaguera, not far from Cala San Vicente. The plane was in water of some sixty-two metres depth.

The ministry of defence stated on Twitter that a submarine was deployed once the sonar had detected the plane on the seabed. Images obtained by the submarine showed there to be a body inside the plane.

The environment minister Vicenç Vidal and public administration minister Catalina Cladera both offered their deepest sympathies to the family of Antonio Alfaro. They also praised the "excellent work" of those involved in the search.

Antonio Alfaro's brother, Noel, spoke emotionally about how happy Antonio had been to work and live on an island that has honoured him in life and in death. He thanked all those who had taken part in the search for the enormous efforts they had made.

A plan is now being worked on to recover the plane and the body.


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f4phixeruk / Hace over 3 years

Blue Skies :-(


James / Hace over 3 years

"Cleared West, Climb Un-Restricted".


harvey / Hace over 3 years



Richard / Hace over 3 years

How sad. RIP. As a pilot myself, I can tell you that these guys are the best of the best. Superb skills and devotion to keeping you safe against accidental, or increasingly deliberate fires. If you have ever seen these guys in action you’ll know how good they are. And no, the fires are not only in rural areas. Seven years or so ago the whole of Camp De Mar could have been wiped out. I watched it, I was there, and these guys put the fires out rapidly with their amazing skills. Kudos to all of them and again RIP.