The trial of the driver was in April.

19-04-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

The French female driver who was responsible for the death of cyclist Gabriel Llull has been sentenced to two and a half years.

On 14 September 2016, the woman, who had been drinking heavily, collided with Gabriel Llull, a Palma policeman, and his son. They were cycling on the main road near their home in Sineu. The incident occurred at twenty minutes to eight in the evening. Gabriel Llull died at the scene; the boy was unharmed.

The prosecution service had sought three years nine months, and a private prosecution on behalf of the family had wanted four years. In agreeing to a lower tariff, the court took into account that the woman had admitted the facts when she first appeared in court and that financial compensation demanded had been paid.

The defence wanted a reduction to just six months. The judge dismissed this appeal, drawing attention to public opinion surrounding fatal accidents concerning cyclists, both nationally and in Majorca.


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Viva España / Hace over 3 years

A travesty............

Taking a life, leaving a small child fatherless and a wife without her husband. The lifelong hurt the family and friends will experience and she gets two and a half years. We seriously need to overhaul the entire legal system and make sure the punishment fits the crime. In this case, she knowingly drank too much and then made the decision to get into a car. Great she admitted the facts....who cares.


f4phixeruk / Hace over 3 years

Seems being corrupt carries a higher sentence than killing someone. Dont understand sentencing. UK is just as daft at times


Henry James / Hace over 3 years

This is a joke of a sentence,even three years and nine months would have been far to low for this premeditated act,sentences need to be far more severe for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and higher still if such an act results in death or injury to others.


Mark / Hace over 3 years

No time for drink drivers until this offence carries a mandatory 10 year Sentence and a lifetime ban from the roads you are not going to stop them , the family who have lost their family member now have a life sentence and a son who will never see his dad again two and a half years is a farce !


Ged / Hace over 3 years

Two and a half years!!!!! What kind of deterrent is that meant to be. This was a father who was killed in front of his son by someone who despite being drunk decided to ignore the safety of everyone else and selfishly drive her vehicle. It would appear that if you want to murder someone on Mallorca, just get blotto and drive your car at them. Disgraceful.