Motor homes in Ciudad Jardín are not uncommon in the summer. | Miquel A. Cañellas

Residents of Ciudad Jardín in Palma are complaining about motor homes that are parked on the streets. Palma police responded to a complaint and went on Wednesday night. The next day there were twelve motor homes, fewer than there had been on Wednesday.

The principal complaints are about tables and chairs being put out. These impede pedestrians. Motor home users are also said to shower in the streets. Residents believe that the motor homes threaten the quietness of the area and are critical of the fact that the town hall has not responded to their complaints.

The administration says that it is unaware of there being a problem and of having been sent complaints. The police, for their part, confirm that they have only received two "denuncias". The police explain that of the dozen motor homes, half of them belong to residents. The others are not being used continually. The vehicles are moved every ten days, which is a town hall bylaw for this type of vehicle.  

Motor homes can be parked in Palma, but they are not for sleeping in, while owners are not meant to put any objects such as tables on the public way.