Habtur's Joan Miralles in the centre.

The Habtur holiday rentals association has expressed its full opposition to drunken tourism. The association's president, Joan Miralles, yesterday responded to some media reports about drunken and bad behaviour in holiday rental accommodation, making it clear that this is something the association wishes to "eradicate".

Miralles explained that there have only been "isolated cases" but that this will not stop the association doing what it can to prevent rental accommodation being used for parties and drunkenness. Habtur has no wish to be identified with such behaviour.

Following the weekly meeting of the Habtur committee, Miralles said that the association's legal services will be working on establishing legal norms designed to eliminate "anti-social behaviour". He adds that he will be asking owners of properties with holiday rental licences who are members of Habtur to not accept bookings if there is "a minimum of suspicion" that these are being made by tourists who might cause problems.

He noted that the law does allow owners with rental licences to eject tourists if they cause trouble. Miralles continued by observing that there have to be rules and that if an owner does not abide by them and allows nuisance to others, the licence should be withdrawn.

In order that there are adequate procedures to deal with this problem, Habtur is seeking a meeting as soon as possible with the tourism ministry, police and the national government delegation.