All too familiar. Flight problems because of air-traffic controllers. | Teresa Ayuga

Further industrial action by French air-traffic controllers resulted in 31 cancellations at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport yesterday. Two of these were flights to and from France, the remainder were flights to and from other European countries.

At the airport in Ibiza there were thirteen cancellations in all, one of them from France. At Mahon in Minorca there was a total of four cancellations.

Delays were in general not lengthy at any of the three Balearic airports.

Passenger traffic at Palma was yesterday forecast to have been 182,863. At Ibiza it was 52,438 and at Mahon 27,800. There was a total of 1,581 flights.

Today (Sunday), a further 43 flights at Palma have been cancelled, six of these being connections with French airports and 37 being connections with airports in various other European countries.