The different signs. | Ajuntament de Calvia

Calvia police announced yesterday that twenty signs have been put up which draw attention to sanctions for breaches of municipal ordinance on coexistence.

Fifteen have appeared along Punta Ballena in Magalluf and five on Ramon de Montcada in Santa Ponsa. In Spanish and English, they use bright colours and striking typography so that the messages stand out from other signs. The campaign has a hashtag #havefunwithrespect (#diviérteteconrespeto in Spanish).

Fines were increased in March, and so the posters make a point of what these now are: street drinking (500 euros); shouting, fighting and bothering people (400 euros); being naked on the streets (400 euros); "dirtying" the streets (200 euros). In 2017, there were 785 sanctions for street drinking and 68 fines for being naked or semi-naked in unauthorised areas.

The announcement adds that the town hall is continuing to work on cutting out drunken tourism. Therefore, the town hall is restating the need for the Balearic government to adopt measures that regulate drinking in all-inclusive hotels and that ban the offer of two for one drinks and happy hours.