Squatting in the calle Reyes Católicos.

The imminent evictions from the Son Banya shanty town in Palma are leading to the illegal occupation of properties elsewhere in the city by members of the drugs clans. There have been numerous complaints about squatters in La Soledat, Son Gotleu, Son Ferriol, Es Rafal and on the calle Reyes Católicos.

As part of the Guardia Civil's anti-drugs operation Ludar, phone calls were monitored, and "La Eva", María Crespo Muñoz, gave instructions for clan members to take over properties. Central to this has been La Eva's daughter Sefora. Transcripts of phone calls between the two reveal a conversation about a block of flats in the Reyes Católicos area. There is reference to the second and third floors of a building where a bank had taken back flats.

Another individual, Jhony, received instructions about a duplex that a bank had taken possession of in Es Rafal.

Residents in Reyes Católicos say that the authorities are ignoring them and are giving more protection to squatters than to people who pay to live there. They add that the flats are now points of sale for drugs.