Arrest in process.

The Guardia Civil and the Local Police have stepped up their regular patrols and operations in Magalluf and Palmanova over the past few weeks.

As a result, last week, 13 people were arrested on drugs related charges and seven others for public order offenses.

What is more, the security forces are mounting more spot checks on vehicles and individuals and are carrying them out throughout the day and night.

There are also more plain clothed officers on the beat in resort black spots such as Punta Ballena.

They have been tasked with cracking down on drugs dealing on the streets of Magalluf and Palmanova and the beaches after dark. At the start of last week, two Rumanians aged 29 and 36 and on the run from the police in Tenerife where they are wanted, were located and detained while three other individuals from Senegal were caught at a routine vehicle check point in the possession of little bags of marijuana ready to be sold.

Another 37-year-old Senegalese was arrested after being caught red handed by a police patrol peddling cocaine in Magalluf.

A 38-year-old Briton was also caught by under cover police peddling a variety drugs.

Two others were arrested for public order offenses. The Guardia Civil also arrested 23-yea-old man from Guinea.

He was caught robbing people’s belongings at night as they swam in the sea.

Two Poles were arrested. They were wanted in connection with a robbery from a shop in Illetas.

Another 29-year-old Senegalese was intercepted at a routine check while two Britons, a father and son aged 45 and 32 respectively were arrested for public order offenses.

The father and son began fighting in the street and when a third person tried to split them up, they turned on him, punching and biting.

The others were arrested for drug offenses by the under cover police patrols.