Filming will be taking place this autumn. Right, Paul Abrey of Palma Pictures.

The BBC will be filming a major detective series on the island this autumn which could involve many local extras and a prime time spot for the island on British television.

The Mallorca Files, set amongst the expat community features a British and German detective clashing over their very different approaches to policing the island. While self-confessed introverted Briton Miranda Blake takes her career (as well as everything else in life) seriously, German Max Wolf is a classic extrovert and unashamedly unconventional. The combination of these two characters and the Majorca setting sets the stage for humour as well as thrills, as the duo do battle to solve each new crime.

The 10-part crime drama is the work Dan Sefton, the writer behind hits such as The Good Karma Hospital, Trust Me, Delicious and Porters.

Sefton said: “With influences from Almodovar to Coen Brothers, The Mallorca Files brings a fresh new spin to the story of two supposedly mismatched cops forced into an uneasy partnership. Set on Majorca, action-packed, quirky and full of memorable characters, wit, and spectacle, this show is the perfect antidote to the British Winter (and possibly Spring and Summer too!). Created by a team of talented writers including Rachael New, Alex McBride, Sarah Louise Hawkins and Dan Muirden, it has fun with a classic TV genre.

” Paul Abrey, Managing Director of Palma Pictures, said that filming would be taking place across the island and not only in the usual tourist spots. He added that so far details of the cast or the director had not been announced.

“We are already filming Love Island for ITV locally and the Mallorca Files will be a welcome addition to our growing list of productions,” said Paul Abrey, the former British Consul, who now heads Palma Pictures. It is unclear whether it will be screened on BBC1 or 2 but the series has all the hallmarks of a BBC1 production.

The announcement about the Mallorca Files will be warmly welcomed by the local authorities because the production will give the island priceless promotion and publicity.