Most of the new positions are in the service sector and seasonal. | GEMMA ANDREU¶

The number of people out of work in the Balearics contracted again last month -by nearly six percent - to stand at 36,587 people, according to figures released by the Secretary of State for the Commerce and Industry yesterday.

Last month, 2,279 more people were in work in the Balearics than during June last year and during May the number of unemployed also fell, by 2,581, a decline of 6,35 percent.

Looking at the general national picture, Spain recorded the lowest unemployment figure since May 2008.

The total number of people registered as unemployed fell by 83,738 between April and May to a total of 3,252,130 unemployed people.

Unemployment declined in all sectors, especially in the services sector, where it fell by 53,542 people.

The number of unemployed also fell in the construction sector, industry and agriculture by 11,254 people, 8,227 and 8,032 people respectively. According to the Ministry’s data, the number of unemployed men decreased by 51,820 people while the number of unemployed women fell by 31,918 people.

On a year-on-year basis, the number of people registered as unemployed decreased by 208,998 people, which meant a 6.04-percent fall, according to data published by the Ministry.

Unemployment remains one of the main challenges of the Spanish government.

It is expected that Spain’s new Prime Minister, the socialist leader Pedro Sanchez, will prioritize the social agenda, with reforms that concern the reform of the unemployment benefits system, among other issues.

And one area the unions want addressed is short term seasonal contracts which is what the service sector and tourism industries are very much based on. A longer season would help but unions are worried about workers’ right and the exploitation of young people.