The number of city centre tourists has spiked.

The left wing coalition city council has agreed to prohibit any further city centre hotels in residential areas.

The general planning laws are going to be amended to include the new ruling which is expected to be approved and passed early next month.

At the end of this month a year long ban on new hotels in Santa Catalina, Nou Llevant and the front line of Eixample will expire and the city council is worried that it will be inundated with applications for planning permission for new hotels. In accordance with the current law, providing applicants meet all the requisites, then permission has to be granted.

So, the town hall wants to modify the planning laws as quickly as possible to prevent another boom in city centre hotels.

38 urban hotels

With the initial approval of the ban, no more applications for permission will be accepted.

However, any change to the law will have to be subjected to a period of public consultation so any definite ban will not be introduced until September or October.

According to city hall, the move is being taken in response to complaints from hoteliers and residents in Santa Catalina and other city centre districts.

There are currently 38 urban hotels offering 2,169 beds and the council is currently processing 63 applications for permission for new hotels which would add a further 2,149 beds and these would not be affected by the proposed moratorium.