Police believe the woman lives in a squat in Palma. | Archive

The National Police are looking for a 20-year-old female drug addict who removed her baby from the Son Espases neonatal unit after having been told that social services would be taking the baby into care.

The woman and her partner rushed out of the hospital with the baby. While they were running along the corridors, the woman dropped the baby, which hit its head on the floor. The baby was picked up and they left the hospital on a motorbike. They had clearly managed to avoid any security staff.

The police's family and women's unit is in charge of investigating what happened and of finding the woman and the baby. It is thought that she is living in a squat in Palma.

The woman is well known to the police. She has previous convictions and was associated with a "Juanito", a 14-year-old boy who the police are investigating for more than 2,500 robberies. The woman was once found in Son Espases smoking a joint.

A witness to the baby being taken said that nothing like it had ever happened before.