The Briton fell from the sixth floor.

12-07-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

Just days after Calvia town hall held a crisis meeting to discuss hotel falls, an 18-year-old Briton fell to his death yesterday morning at the Eden Roc Apartments, the scene of two previous fatal falls this summer. The teenager’s body was discovered at 10.30 in the gardens of the establishment.

Initial investigations have revealed that he fell from a sixth floor balcony. No documentation was found on the body, although he was wearing his all-inclusive band for the Florida Apartments where he was staying.

Elsewhere on the island, another British tourist fell from a seventh floor balcony in Porto Cristo. The incident occurred at 2am and the victim, who was seriously injured, landed on the bonnet of a car parked below.

He was rushed into intensive care at Son Espases Hospital. He had apparently been arguing with his partner prior to the fall and, according to her, they had been mixing cocaine with alcohol. Hotel staff say that the couple had been causing problems all day.