A small protest at the airport.


Radical youth organisation Arran was involved in another anti-tourism protest yesterday. This time it was at the airport, and it was a joint protest with the Palma group Ciutat per a qui l’habita (city for those who live in it).

Tourists were greeted by a banner which announced that "Tourism kills Mallorca". Another placard referred to the volume of traffic at the airport - "100,000 passengers a day is unsustainable".

Ciutat per a qui l’habita complained that the island cannot handle an aircraft every minute and that Palma airport handles a daily average of 1,097 flights. "This does not mean we live from tourism, what it means is that tourism is killing us," a spokesperson said.

The number of people taking part in the protest was small. It was only brief, and the participants were moved on by National Police officers who first required that they showed their identity cards.

Meanwhile, another group - Tot Inclos (All Inclusive) - claimed responsibility for graffiti which had appeared on four boutique hotels in the old centre of Palma. Slogans were "Tourism kills the city" and "Another hotel equals 100 fewer residents".

Mayor Antoni Noguera took to Twitter to denounce the protest at the airport. It was "totally reprehensible", he said.