Members of the media covering the story.

13-07-2018Alejandro Sepúlveda

The National Police homicide squad believe that the driver who took Dutch tourist Wouter Van Lujin to Son Espases Hospital may have been solely responsible for his death.

Several hours after having taken the 34-year-old filmmaker to hospital on Friday, the driver was arrested. It would seem that Wouter Van Lujin, who was staying with his father in Palmanova, had gone to Son Banya around four o'clock on Friday morning. He had gone with two Pakistanis who were to act as interpreters and accompany him to the shanty town, where he intended to buy drugs, presumably cocaine.

The three took a taxi to Son Banya. Once there, Mr. Van Lujin produced his wallet, which contained 700 euros. The police suspect that the blows he received were from someone who intended robbing him, and the driver is the suspect, possibly along with one other person.

The police therefore believe that the story of four or five men having been seen by the driver attacking Mr. Van Lujin by a storage facility on the Cami de la Milana, the road from Son Banya to Son Ferriol, was fabricated.